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3 Qualities to Look for While Hiring a Content Marketer

Content marketing isn’t new to the industry. It started getting attention in the early twenties as blogging. However, it is a few years back, when businesses and BPO service providers saw its potential for generating leads.

Successful businesses where invest in other aspects of their companies, they also hire good content marketers to boost up the digital marketing strategies.  According to Neil Patel, the digital marketing guru, around 40% of the marketing budget is invested in content marketing.

Content creation has become so huge that brands pay others to design content for social media, which is a popular platform to reach the potential market and leads. Engaging content that relates to the public is needed by any company to make a loyal audience. Moreover, finding a person that makes such content is difficult, to say the least. So, do we suggest that finding a resourceful content marketer is tough? Of course not!

But, there are three major skills that companies and BPO services should look for while hiring for this position.

Let’s follow-through.

The Ability to Make Grammatically Sound & Interesting Content

This is not a new criterion, but a very simple one. A content marketer should be able to produce grammatically correct sentences that also resonate with the audience.

However, the story doesn’t end here. There is a twist. With the advancement in the industry, marketers should know about the keywords and their placement to digitally benefit the hiring organization. To be honest, hiring managers miss out on this detail, and they end up with zero impression rate or low popularity on Google.

Nowadays, many people have good speaking and writing skills, and social media has particularly helped shape a lot of good writers, benefitting the demand of content creators.

Moreover, if you write well but don’t know the bolts and nuts of grammar, you might not fit the content marketer’s job description. Spelling mistakes and bad grammar can hurt the brand’s reputation, and hiring managers should look into the interviewee’s grammar competence before hiring.

Curiosity & Good Research Skill

A good content marketer should have the curiosity to research and validate content. It’s like journalism, where a journalist ensures that the information he presents is credible. Besides, it also adds credibility to the brands’ reputation.

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Why it is important?


  • A marketer should research their audience’s interests
  • He should craft engaging content that reflects their brand’ integrity
  • It is a marketer’s responsibility to identify the competition and grasp loopholes in their marketing
  • A marketer should understand the company’s products and align its content with it

Research is crucial for BPO service providers’ success. They have to generate outcomes for their clients, and without the intense power of research, intriguing content can’t be produced.

Data Analysis

Content marketers are not supposed to be data analysts, but they should know how to read obvious data analysis reports. Successful content writers polish their content with data and numbers.  Research, again is crucial to product data-driven posts, that generally get more viral than the simple content.

It also helps in presenting the company as the knowledge base, and people build their trust over it. So companies should ensure that content marketers should know their way around numbers and data analysis tools.

BPO services and companies in general! You’ll find many people around with high salary expectations. However, it is not a parameter to judge a good content marketer. Beyond a degree, the above-mentioned skills will help you hire a good marketer and improve your marketing strategy and content.

Don’t you think?