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3 Reasons Why Businesses Must Use Google AdWords

There is nothing worse than fewer phone calls, negligible online orders, and people rarely filling the contact forms on landing pages. It is the worst feeling for business owners, and I can well imagine the trauma they cause to digital marketers. AdWords, in this scenario, is a change to the status quo.

It comes to the rescue of both the CEOs and digital marketers, and most of the time it is what gives them the strength to move on. However, SEO services focus on creating an impact organically through SEO before moving on to paid ads. Online marketing in 2020 is a dynamic duo of SEO and paid marketing.

When we use AdWords, instead of worrying about the spending budget; we should have our eyes on the prize, the conversions!

Let’s look at three reasons AdWords are part of the winning strategy in competitive markets where everyone is aching to sell.

Do What You Do Best, And Outsource the Rest

1.  Pay for Quality and Intended Clicks

For us, AdWords, as part of our proactive digital marketing strategy, has a special place. It is where we make a difference for ourselves and our clients. Digital marketing agencies use paid campaigns to execute sales because they get the job done with minimum SEO efforts.

Generally, the more public name for a paid campaign is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign in which you only pay for the keywords you intentionally bid on.

For instance, if I am a digital marketer, and I want to generate results for the keyword, “digital marketing companies near me”, I can bid on it to start things off. Furthermore, I will only pay when someone clicks my advertisement and goes to my site.

According to the Google Impact Economic Report, organizations make an average of $2 for every $1 spent on AdWords. Now that is amazing if you ask me and certainly motivates us to continue using it.

 2. No More Staying in the Shadows

With paid ads through a veteran digital marketing service like us, compete with the big guns from the word go. Yes, nothing beats the feeling of overcoming the big names in your niche. While in the 80s and 90s advertisements on TV cost a fortune; an AdWords campaign starts with a minimum $300 investment today. $300 usually gives enough room to clicks once the campaign starts to run.

Special adjustments and enhancements are key to running successful campaigns. According to a survey by, 45 percent of small businesses use PPC advertising campaigns. As a result, it is safe to say that digital marketing in the 21st century consists of an effective AdWords strategy. Finally, an online marketing strategy without AdWords is incomplete.

Furthermore, proper use of the ROAS (return on advertising spend) metric guides your business into profit valley because you can double your advertising budget and play big. The ability to track the performance and invest more in the case of foreseeable profits is the real magic of AdWords.

3. Be Creative with the Titles to Outclass Your Competitors

People are usually fanatical about the quality score for AdWords. For some reason, they believe that placing the exact keyword they are betting on in the advertising copy can improve their quality score, and cost-per-click won’t be much. I tell you that is not the case.

Let me share with you a little secret. If everyone is bidding on the keyword, “IPS digital marketing agency” in the title of their ad; there is nothing different that you are doing from your competition.

However, the creative you are with those 60 characters, the better are the results. Innovate, invent, and stand out from the crowd.

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What is your experience with AdWords?

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