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4 Cost-Effective Tools for Digital Marketing in 2021!

The working of digital marketing services in the USA range from creating the right content, distributing it over the right marketing channels, analyzing data, and strategizing for the future! Moreover, it all executes within a defined budget.

Some marketing methods are not as cost-effective as some of the others. The costlier ones include paid-advertisement, PPC, and search engine marketing. Despite the success of paid advertising tools, there are some popular FREE tools worth mentioning in the digital world. They facilitate digital marketers to create, launch, and manage a cost-effective marketing campaign.

These resources are helpful for small business enterprises, which don’t have much to spend. They enable the minnows to have a chance of making it big.

1. Google Analytical Tools

Google is the biggest search engine and processes up to 40,000 queries each second at a global level.  Hence, if digital marketers use this platform effectively, they can reach millions of customers worldwide without being heavy on their budget. The platform is heaven for marketers as it provides many open source tools.

2. Google Analytics

Every marketer whether amateur or professional has to know about Google Analytics! It is a powerful tool to discuss the traffic and the number of visitors, to say the least. Most SEO and digital marketing services in the US give primary significance to this tool. It helps to track:

  • Website traffic and its source
  • Searched keywords for your website
  • Bounce rate and social media engagement
  • Conversion rate

It is a great help in knowing the statistics of your website that, how your website is engaging with the target audience, and how people are reacting towards it.

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3. Google Alerts and Google Trends

Google Alerts provide content detection services. It allows marketers to stay updated on a topic. It notifies marketers about the news or research or mentions the keywords that they want to know more about. We also use it for social listening that facilitates knowing the responses; a keyword or content is having from the audience on online platforms.

Google trends enable marketers to know the latest searches specific to a region. For example, it displays searches for the keyword “SEO services in the USA” within the US for the month of June.

Google Keyword Planner is another useful resource that helps to find searches of a particular keyword. That in turn helps the SEOs select the right keywords to target in their campaign. All of these tools highlight trends that digital marketers make use of in their marketing strategies.

4. Content Planning

A marketing campaign can’t attract the required audience for businesses if it doesn’t resonate with the customer’s needs. Thus, instead of using content and waiting for the customer’s engagement, why not create content that addresses customers’ problems and provides an effective solution right away.

Online tools like BuzzSumo easily help in planning marketing content. Moreover, the website Answer The Public also displays questions, prepositions, search phrases that the users are searching on the internet. It gives us a peek into the consumer world.  We get to know more about search queries and user intent.

Digital marketers may encapsulate this information in their marketing strategy that revolves around trending topics. Customer requirements follow the popular pattern via blogs, videos, and infographics. Consequently, it will increase a customer’s engagement level and generate valuable leads for the business.

1. Grammarly –  The premium version is not FREE. The version that is FREE helps in editing the content (blogs) and makes them free from mistakes. Marketers can move to the paid version for advanced features. The advanced version includes a plagiarism checker which is indeed a useful tool in your arsenal.

2. Canva – creates content with infographics. Infographics are the growing trend in which you are able to convey your message in a creative way. It is a highly recommended way to keep your audience engaged. It provides a drag and drop facility, thus no designing experience is required. In addition, more add-ons are available for under $1.

5. Automated Email Marketing

Email marketing may seem conventional enough. However, it has improved over time with modern technologies. It automates through digital marketers who can easily send targeted emails to customers.

MailChimp –  is such a tool that sends timely messages to business consumers. Furthermore, it analyzes emails and sends reports on what responses did it get from customers. It especially helps small businesses to plan an effective interactive marketing campaign.

Constant Contact – This tool is stirring waves in the business world for having a user-friendly interface that even a beginner can use it with ease.

The user has the option to send emails via several templates and track the report of each email.  Automation mechanisms and online polls are some extra amazing features. This tool can be easily learned and offers unmatched support in email marketing.

Instead of learning tools and recruiting people in this context, businesses now hire BPO services. A company that manages email marketing and submits a report at the end of the month has also proved to generate leads.

6. Improving Online Presence

Digital marketing services don’t just plan and manage the marketing campaign. They also optimize marketing content to attract more potential customers and drive them towards the business website. Thus, maintaining a positive online presence is significant in the marketing world.

Hotspot’s Marketing Grader is such a tool that analyzes the business’s online presence over various platforms. It checks your website, blogs, social media platforms, email, and mobile marketing and gives relevant feedback. Feedback is in the form of a report stating the flaws and ways to improve them.


Remain within Budget and Maximize Business Reach!

It is obvious that small businesses do not have much budget to spend on their marketing campaigns. Nevertheless, with the evolution of technology, with the help of these FREE online tools, we can support digital marketers and their respective campaigns. Information Process Solutions (IPS USA) is a digital marketing company that provides the best marketing solutions even for small businesses with low budgets.