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5 Skills that Experts Say You Should Learn

The lockdown has led to the highest unemployment rate in the history of the United States. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that around 16.3% of Americans are unemployed.

Many workers including in the BPO service provider industry are hopeful about resuming their professions or jobs after the lockdown ends. However, there are many people that have to look for new opportunities to earn bread and butter. For it, they might have to learn some new skills as well.

There are unlimited useful skills like digital marketing Services, SEO, and web development that businesses and BPO services require from the people in their talent hunt. However, today we list some other skills as follows that you can learn to excel in a career.

Data Science

Analyzing, interpreting, and assembling data are some of the skills that modern businesses require from their employees.

The world is changing and is becoming more data-driven. Even huge companies like Amazon, Tesla, and Uber, all take help from data analysis. Digital marketing has become more special than ever to accommodate changes after coronavirus. Since the way a business sells products is now different. Eventually, data science will be a huge help regarding collecting and manifesting fruitful strategies.


Innovation and creativity are two things that result in amazing products. If someone is tech-savvy; he still, needs creativity to leverage his career. The dependability on adaptability and creativity plays a huge role in his success.

Many companies have allowed their workers to work from home permanently, and adjusting to this work mode while keeping up productivity is certainly difficult. In such a scenario, creativity can help keep us motivated to work in new ways and steer us towards success and accomplishment of goals.

Communication Skills

Researchers think that many employees need to focus on soft skills while treating hard skills as a priority.

During the pandemic, we saw more and more meetings on online platforms rather than face-to-face meetings. Today’s professional working environment allows people to acknowledge the importance of analytical thinking, empathy, and more. Therefore, stronger communication skills with good listening are required.

Good reputable software firms realize that soft skills might take a primary seat in the CVs for successful candidates.  With lesser human interaction, the ability to communicate clearly while satisfying the client will serve well for BPO companies.

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It’s a universal skill, and anybody can grip on it by practicing some tips and surely won’t regret it.

Artificial Intelligence

The business industry and BPO service providers already appreciate the use of artificial intelligence, and people have become more in their favor since the pandemic.

Automation is a reliable option to limit human interaction, but the industry needs people who have a good understanding of artificial intelligence. Data science helps workers get to the door of artificial intelligence, and from there they can learn AI and design frameworks for powerful outcomes.

Python is the favorite web language that can open hundreds of opportunities for people. The integration of these skills is indeed a power move, and people would like to hire someone a person capable of working with AI, after these drastic times.

Cyber Security

Businesses are shifted online, and so the risk of data theft has increased. You can imagine the demand for cybersecurity services in the industry right now.  The hackers will try to breach the security levels now more than ever, and it is up to cybersecurity to build a strong wall between them and the confidential data.

It is a highly paid job. Although, many people are working in this industry, helping BPO services providers to have protected work from home environments. However, there will be a lot more required to fill the skill gap.