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The 6 Benefits of Virtual Assistants in 2021

A virtual assistant (VA) is a person who provides support to a business from a remote location. When you are not in the mood to hire an in-house employee, the best option is to hire a virtual assistant. BPO services providers are a group of virtual assistants who indulge in plenty of functions for businesses and deploy their skills to good effect. A perfectly legitimate way to be productive in a competitive world!

History of the Word

The word ‘virtual assistant’ goes back to the 90s when technology advancements led to the birth of the Internet and document sharing platforms. Every new invention, from an application to operating systems and gadgets at the time, fueled this industry and organizations found relief in offshore assignments of work from time to time.

Entrepreneurs and online businesses are two entities in favor of outsourcing. When you outsource work, the expenses don’t go overboard, and that leads to more investment in the business itself.

1. Social Media Management

Social media management (SMM) is one of the core operations of running a business in 2021. Each business is supposedly a brand with its social media presence. When we are on social media, the competitive nature of the industry runs toe-to-toe with the business. People are curious to know how well a business does on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Instagram.

For what it’s worth, if you haven’t thought about social media management, start thinking now.

2. Web Design and Development Teams

In the 21st century, due to business processes going critical and highly specific, the phase of web design and development is usually best handled when outsourced. Professional outsourcing companies like IPS USA are responsible for virtual assistants resolving disparities and aligning operations as we speak. Custom software development, iOS app development, and Android app development, and digital marketing are a few of their strengths.

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3. Customer Support Representatives

Virtual assistants in the niche of customer services are client-driven. Some of their strong attributes include patience and the ability to withstand harsh people. People shout at them, and in return, they smile or respond with a humble gesture. A unique quality like this requires persistence and a steady aptitude for life.

Good clients in the form of popular brands have given a push to this industry, and now BPO services are part of a billion-dollar business. Outsourcing sales services usually mean the brand wants more sales through their web portal which involves the action of call centers equipped with skilled agents. The power to impress others into buying a service or a product is a skill known to a few.

A good sales agent skyrockets sales on his day!

4. Great Idea for Home Business

Many professional outsourcing individuals use the idea of virtual assistants to run home-based businesses. However, today we see companies develop an outsourcing profile and look for opportunities. It is worth every dime!

BPO services, as a routine, charge almost $25 an hour for a particular job. However, if you contract a company on a long-term basis, the price usually comes down to $10 to $15 an hour.

5. Utilize their Skills for Business Expansion

Skills that you don’t have, a virtual assistant may have those skills to dominate and finally level your competitors. Not only they are better, but the speed at which they complete a given task significantly contributes to an age when the time is invaluable. Once time passes, it never comes back. It is better to learn it the easier way than the difficult one.

6. Savvy Digital Marketers

When you sign up for a BPO to market your website, it means you are interested in getting organic traffic through search engines. Digital marketing is a recipe for automatic conversions but takes time of at least 6 months to do the SEO and generate leads. In the meantime, PPC campaigns or paid advertising provide an alternate path towards conversion and sales.

In the end, it is a mixture of SEO and PPC in the right proportion that marks the success of a business online. Leveraging virtual assistants in online marketing can rank you up the search results incredibly fast and effectively. It is also a price-friendly solution to the in-house version of the same process.

Some of the above uses of virtual assistants can make your business progressive and in a direction, that leads to success and an ultimate win. Which one of the business functions have you outsourced yet?