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Why Google Listing is vital to Digital Marketing Services?

Digital marketing services are responsible for the strong online presence of a business. Running PPC campaigns, search engine optimization, content marketing, and video marketing surely contribute their portion in creating a brand’s awareness. However, professional digital marketing companies and BPO service providers who take responsibility for marketing on behalf of brands do not forget about Google Map marketing.

Particularly in this time when smartphones have turned into a mini-computer and are capable of doing anything from shopping to booking tickets; businesses should list themselves on Google Maps.

Google Map listing Favors Local Businesses

All around the globe, even if a person is not living a lavish lifestyle, he still owns a smartphone. Around 80% of the world’s population uses the Internet via a smart gadget. Believe it or not, around half of the Google searches are via smartphones about any local product, restaurant, or shop. Google is like a teacher, which tells about everything from a restaurant location to a specific product’s details.

Google Maps are designed to facilitate mobile phone users to act responsively for local searches. Any business can get the desired exposure to the local target market. These show physical location, reviews, directions, and operational hours.  Thus, Google map marketing is inevitable for digital marketing services.

How to be recognized Google?

To be recognized by Google, SEO specialists should develop a local SEO strategy and execute it in a systematic and well-researched manner.  However, keep the following things in mind.

  • Any startup business or company should be listed on all search engines
  • Establish Google My Business page by filling out all necessary information (Contact, working hours, name of the brand, address, and more)
  • Categorize My Business page with accurate and relevant tags
  • Optimize your page by adding unique images and videos
  • Ask for reviews from your existing customers or form a strategy to get 5-star reviews as much as possible
  • Audit local business citations to check the listed information accuracy
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Local SEO Services in the US  cannot be ignored if a business wants to earn a remarkable place among competitors. It is proven that Google maps marketing results in high visibility for businesses. Especially brands, which have several workstations in different cities or areas can use this strategy to get higher return-on-investment (ROI).

If you want to be shown on higher local searches, consult a digital marketing company to implement an efficient Google maps marketing strategy such as IPS USA.