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3 Things to Avoid While Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is a pillar that attracts a relevant audience to any business. If the content is not strong enough to capture people’s attention or miss the essence of how marketing content should be, it fails to do its purpose.

Most businesses don’t have a team or an expert that is qualified to understand all requirements of content marketing. Sometimes, they don’t even update with the time. That’s why they consult BPO service providers, who take this responsibility to provide quality content. BPO services have a reputation to assist businesses with their secondary operations. They don’t just provide content but depending upon their niche, some provide several other services including call center outsourcing and customer support service outsourcing, etc.

Now, the problem is most of the content creators seek help from online sources to learn tactics to:

  • Expand the audience
  • Capture more leads
  • Convert leads into customers

Without a doubt, these companies struggle to convert leads into the sales funnel properly. Here we are discussing commonly seen mistakes in content strategies that cost potential leads.


Lack of Strategy in the Content

One of the biggest mistakes that content marketers at BPO services do is not having a well-designed keyword-equipped content strategy.

People have a notion that creating content and posting hundreds of blogs can get businesses tons of leads. However, common sense says that if the content is not relevant as per the audience’s likes, how it can attract them.

The lack of a keyword-researched content strategy that is not based on the buyer’s journey can never capture leads. Without any strategy, the content will seem random and lots of right or bright prospects will be lost even after efforts.

Keywords, optimization tools, call-to-actions, all these features make cohesive and consistent content that is easy to read and generates beneficial results.

Lack of Strategic Goals

A fatal mistake that leaves BPO service Companies hanging in the middle is the lack of strategic goals. Without any goals of the content marketing strategy, you can’t define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and measure their performance.

There is no point in posting blindly just for the sake of it. If you look into the statistics, you can observe the captured leads are not willing to convert over basic content. The knowledge you share regularly is not going to guide potential customers to purchase the product.

For Example, simple knowledge-based content is good for a company that has a huge amount of audience that visits its website every day. Some people might be converting from them. But, for a minnow, it is impossible to capture many leads at once by posting such content.

Therefore, professional BPO service providers are careful about segmenting and creating content for various purposes that converts.

Lack of Attention to Sales Funnel

Another aspect where content creators don’t pay attention is the sales funnel full potential. The immature content team often doesn’t take into consideration each step of the sales funnel from the buyer’s perspective while planning, creating, editing, and publishing content.

The content doesn’t cater to a wide spectrum of audiences, and they go about the same pattern over and over again.  If the content is not relevant enough to instigate people to engage or want them to learn more, we have to be honest here, it is not going to work.

By having well-constructed content on your platform, you can create an opportunity for people to come to you.

These three major problems are seen repeatedly that restrict any content from achieving a goal for which it was created.

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What are your experiences so far? Do you agree a good BPO service team generally accomplishes these goals rather than an in-house team? Let us know.