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6 Activities to Help Deal with Anxiety While COVID-19 Quarantine

We all are staying inside our houses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s be honest, we are bored and some of us might be going crazy literally (the extrovert types).

From BPO service providers, entrepreneurs, to call center Services, almost everyone from the business community is working from home.

We human beings are not designed to be stagnant. Constant routines bore us and staying at one place day and night is opposite to our basic instincts. In a parallel happy world, we all would be going out, doing chores, hanging out, and enjoying small things like going on a walk. But, the reality is we’re going through a self-quarantine period for GOD knows how long, so, it’s important to stay motivated, and not depressed with just a few activities.

Here are just a few ideas for you to relax during the COVID-19 isolation period.

Be Creative: Paint, Color, Draw

Structured coloring or doodling is an effective way to reduce anxiety, and it’s scientifically proven too. Psychiatrists often use complex geometric patterns to help adults deal with their anxiety.

So, if you have time to spear that we’re sure you do; draw, color, or paint as much as you like and color your negative thoughts with peace and tranquility.

Walk/Do Easy Exercises

Walking proves to offer mental health benefits, and it’s literally the easiest physical activity. Walking helps to release toxins, and a swift walk makes you creative. It also calms down anxiety and stimulates happy hormones.

At this hour, we can’t really go outside due to safety risks. However, a little indoor walk even if it’s for 15 minutes can help maintain our mental health. Accompanying walks with easy exercises adds up to the benefits.

Do Yoga

Another form of indulging in physical activities is doing yoga. Yoga assists in meditating and staying focused. Many of us are working from home, and sitting in the same position for a certain period can distort our posture, and eventually leave to permeant dent to health status.

Yoga is a great source of boosting self-esteem. You can learn and enjoy some yoga moves or postures to get positive energy for the day. There are many online yoga classes available. You can subscribe to any of them and tone your body while staying fit and healthy.

Sleep. Repeat.

Everybody loves taking naps, and there is no time better than this quarantine season to redeem our energies. Not just it strengthens our immune system but relaxes our muscles.

A healthy practice is to take seven to eight hours of sleep every day. Sleep-deprived individuals have weaker immunity, and they are more at risk of catching flu and other types of viruses.

Take a nap along your day, but for a shorter time to not disturb your regular sleeping cycle.

Talk/Chat to a Closest Friend

Just because we have to self-isolate ourselves, it doesn’t mean we have to be socially distant from our friends and family. Chat, call, facetime, and speak your heart out to your friends. Share how you doing and how your day went. This practice helps to boost spirits and deal with stress.

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Listen to Music

Videos floating around of people singing in quarantine warm your heart. Now, make this time your time to sing and enjoy music. Sing along with your favorite singer on headphones or play any instrument.

Music has a positive effect on mental health. Listening to music boosts mood and reduces anxiety.

Staying in quarantine can be tough, but everyone’s safety also comes first.  Dealing with stress is no doubt not a child’s play. However, with some easy activities, you can make your days stress-free and ensure your safety without going outdoor. IPS USA, being a responsible platform of BPO services, has taken strict actions for the well-being of its team. Our team is working from home, planning, and designing strategies to meet our clients’ goals. We also encourage our followers to maintain social distancing and work from home.