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6 KPIs to Improve by Expert Web Development Services

Web development services are tricky, and with technology, we see different trends making waves in this sector.

Users have a lot of options to explore on the Internet, and competition is increasing day by day. With different styles of websites emerging every other day, it is crucial for businesses to stay updated.

But, how to tell that your website needs some serious web development adjustments.

Website Displays Your Brand to the World

Web development services spend a lot of energy on designing a reliable website. Moreover, Google updates play an important role in website ranking.

If a website is not developed efficiently, the user retention rate will automatically be down and your website will receive lower traffic.

We know that it is certainly difficult to know when to redesign your website.  However, with some tricks and metrics, it does not remain a difficult task for digital marketers and web development services.

High Bounce Rate

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of users who did not continue on the website.

Digital marketers and SEO specialists would be familiar with this term. They can measure this metric via data analysis tools. The quality web development services incorporate all the necessary elements on the layout to grab users’ attention.

Bounce rate, certainly makes it easier to know if the website is performing or lying dead. If the numbers are not good, consult your outsourcing web development company because your website needs to revamp.

Backend Technical Errors

If your website’s bounce rate is high (a not-so-good pointer), consider searching for the backend technical errors.

Analyze what made your website’s bounce rate high. Was it all of a sudden or was it a constant problem that you did not pay attention to? There might be a chance that your website has a 404 error.

Google search console is another tool to know about the performance of your website. Moreover, sit with your web development services team and analyze the website from a user point of view.  See what elements are missing that are enabling users to go back from the website.

Outdated Website Layout

As discussed above, technology keeps on changing and you cannot rely on the same website layout. You have to move forward with the changing web development trends.

The things, which were popular a year ago, might not be as popular today.  Thus, if your website layout is outdated, you should update it as per the modern requirements. After all, the first impression is the last impression.

Poor User Experience

Modern and successful web development services in the USA now focus on enhancing the user experience through their website.

 If your website does not have the content related to users’ queries, the user will not find it interesting enough to stay. Ultimately, your website will have lesser traffic than your competitors will.

Analyze if a user is able to easily navigate through your website. Moreover, a distorted site map also gives a bad rating to your website.

User experience can also be increased by making websites more user-friendly and responsive. Thus, during the web development phase, the responsiveness of the website should be a priority. Because, looking into statistics, people are using smart gadgets to access the Internet.

Web Development Services Related Myths – Debunked

Low Search Engine Ranking


People look for services or products on Google. If you are not easily accessible on a search engine, there is no point in making an online presence.

Yes! Ranking a website higher on Google is not a web developers’ job. However, web development services play a vital role in this regard.  The clean layout, fresh design, & bug-free functionalities, all contribute to a higher web ranking. So, when your website does not perform well despite the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts, it’s time to revamp the website.

Poor Navigation

Some pages should be easily located on a website. For Instance, the about us page, contact page, services page, etc.

If you’re not getting to the required information in just a few clicks, you seriously need to consider upgrading your website.  Consulting professional web development services in the USA is the best option in such cases. They know what changes to make and how to design a well-performing and compelling website.


It would not be wrong to say that web development companies play a crucial role in the success of any website. If it is not performing well, look into performance metrics, and analyze if it needs designing to maximize your business opportunities.