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Customer Support Services Are Crucial for Online Business Growth

Customer support services are quintessentially an investment that guarantees a company’s profits, brand loyalty, and customer satisfaction in the long run.

What are Customer Support Services?

“Customer support is the range of services you offer to help your customers get the most out of your product and to resolve their problems. Customer support includes things like answering customer questions, providing assistance with onboarding, troubleshooting, and upgrading customers to a new product or service.” (Source: PETTERSEN)

The Dynamics of the Global Customer Support Service Industry

“The global customer experience management market is projected to grow from $11.34 billion in 2022 to $ 32.53 billion in 2029 at a CAGR of 16.2% in the 2022-20229 period.” (Source: INSIGHTS)

The unprecedented growth in customer support outsourcing services is a testament to the value that it adds to businesses. The industry is expanding for the foreseeable future due to the huge impact that the COVID pandemic has had on customer preferences.

Building a Brand in a Post-COVID World

During the COVID pandemic, the entire workspaces were shifted into an online module. Consequently, the entire customer support service became one of the most important aspects of businesses.

Business process outsourcing was one of the few direct human-to-human relationship-building contact points that the firms had with their clients.

“The emergence of digital payment applications such as Google Pay, Amazon Pal, Pay Pal, and others have improved the customer experience amidst the pandemic. These applications have reduced physical interactions and have directed customers toward contactless shopping and payments, thereby supporting enterprises to improve customer experience.” (Source: INSIGHTS)

Moreover, the trend of online shopping is predicted to continue for the years to come, and it seeps deeper into all industries in a post-pandemic world.

Clients prefer communicating with businesses majorly online as it saves them a lot of time and energy that goes into physically doing the same tasks.

Increase Brand Loyalty

As a business owner, the most pertinent goal is to retain clients as that is central to increasing profits and building a brand image. One tool that can help you achieve this goal is professional customer support services, as it tends to build a direct connection between both parties.

“81 percent of consumers say a positive customer service experience increases the likelihood they’ll make a repeat purchase. And 70% say they’ve made purchase decisions based on the quality of customer support.” (Bishop, 2022)

Increase In Sales and Profit Margins

Client support services are effective marketing tools, and it has proved to be highly successful in bringing new clients and retaining existing ones, consequently being extremely effective in increasing profits.

 “71% of leaders report that their agents are essential to driving sales. Customer service leaders should go beyond solving problems and transform their organization by fostering profitable growth.” (Source: Zendesk)


Outsourcing customer support service can drastically improve the profit margins of your organization as it is one of the most effective marketing tools to flourish and reach new markets.

Moreover, having an expert help in BPO customer support services helps to build the firm in the industry in which they operate.