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Mobile App Development Trends You Should Focus On [2022]

It is undeniable that technology has advanced significantly and is now successfully incorporated into a number of industries. The world has become increasingly digital, and cell phones play a key role in that. We may thus confidently infer that there is no turning back.

Web development services provide the appropriate assistance in this respect since today’s brands and businesses all want to establish a presence as applications on the smartphones of their consumers.

Simply said, mobile applications simplify our lives. There are now apps for grocery delivery, food, and even health, which monitor things like blood pressure and daily water intake. It would therefore be accurate to say that they have influenced every aspect of our lives.

Therefore, today’s discussion will center on the top mobile app development trends for 2021 and the fascinating innovations they are sure to bring.

What to Expect

We can anticipate a lot of innovation in app development this year. As technology has gone, even more, app development businesses have unleashed their creativity. Several of these tendencies include:

Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), virtual and augmented reality, 5G mobile networks, beacon technology, mobile wallets, virtual events streaming biometric authentication

Internet of Things (IoT)

Although it is not a novel idea, the popularity of smartphones has increased the prospects for this trend.

Our lives are made more convenient by the fast-expanding network of internet-connected gadgets. And for a variety of reasons, mobile app development firms include it in iOS and Android applications.

This category includes items like smart home technology. This trend also makes it possible for apps that allow you to control appliances in your homes, such as the thermostat and air conditioner, from a distance.

AI & Machine Learning

Even though artificial intelligence and machine learning have been around for a while, we still have a long way to go before we can fully utilize them.

People often submit AI to virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa most of the time. Or Jarvis from the popular motion picture Iron Man might be a more interesting illustration of AI.

However, we must recognize that AI and its applications may be more sophisticated and go beyond this, particularly in terms of app development.

For instance, Apple’s Core ML 3 from the previous year was designed to assist developers in incorporating AI technology capabilities into their products. like as

  • Face Detection
  • Image Recognition
  • Predicting Maintenance
  • Text and image classification
  • Sentiment identification
  • Speech segmentation

It is how AI improves the functionality of applications and makes them smarter.

Virtual & Augmented Reality (VR & AR) 

The gaming sector as well as other impact-based apps for cameras and movies make considerable use of VR and AR. Numerous applications have employed features like motion tracking, live location, etc. this year.

It’s intriguing that this tendency will spread and have an effect on other sectors of the economy, including tourism, healthcare, and education. As a result, activities like traveling and going to the doctor will be made simpler.

The development of virtual reality simulation tools like the Magic Leap and Hololens is another aspect of this. They offer a pleasant visual experience, and very soon they may join other technologies that are often utilized in the creation of mobile apps.

5G Mobile Networks

For a while now, 5G has been the topic of much discussion. The changes it will bring about in the creation and usage of mobile applications are only now being anticipated by the creators. Several things will occur, including:

Processing has improved, latency has decreased at least 10 times, network efficiency has increased, and the speed is at least 100 times quicker than 4G.

Because mobile app development services may incorporate new features without worrying about the app lagging, the usefulness of mobile applications will improve.

Testing the mobile app and its features with 5G network speed is one thing that would be helpful. It will eventually aid in a better understanding of the app.

Beacon Technology

This concept is now being adopted by several sectors. It’s because beacons may enhance any smartphone app with cutting-edge functionality. And this technology has advanced significantly since the introduction of the first mobile app beacons in 2013.

Let’s take the example of a retail mobile app developer who wants to use beacon technology in their creations. You can do it by assisting your clients’ beacons in their store(s), which will establish a Bluetooth connection with the customers’ smartphones. The app must be downloaded to the users’ smartphones for it to happen, though.

Additionally, they may watch a customer’s activity inside the business and determine if they are spending more time in a certain area. To encourage a consumer to make a purchase, it might provide push alerts about the items.

Whole, Beacon technology enhances the overall consumer experience, especially with app development, making it ideal for proximity marketing.

Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce)

For the creation of mobile apps, this trend first gained attention in 2019 and has since taken over. especially now that everyone is participating in it, from big shops to independent brand owners!

Mobile app resellers emphasize this characteristic the most when presenting new concepts because almost all companies nowadays have launched apps to increase sales.

We have not arrived yet. However, the time when mobile commerce apps will be present everywhere is rapidly approaching. And they will be playing a significant part in the success of any brand. especially if that company wants to establish a reputation and compete with industry titans like Amazon!

Mobile Wallets

It is undeniable that as mobile commerce develops, mobile wallets will follow quickly.

As their user bases develop, services like Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, etc., expand daily.

Mobile wallet app features are currently widely used by smartphone users on their linked devices, which qualifies it as an emerging trend.

Even better would be for mobile wallets to become a regular component of any app that handles transactions, as this would greatly improve everyone’s convenience. The good news is that it may happen in the next few years. But if you want to implement something similar, consulting with experienced app development companies is recommended.

Virtual Events Streaming

Virtual events were a rarity prior to COVID-19. However, the tendency of virtual meetings quickly advanced following the Corona Pandemic and shutdown.

Talks and discussions were held virtually using apps like Zoom. Additionally, other online venues for virtual events began to appear.

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Websites like Hopin are the ideal illustration of this. It was also understandable why virtual events were so popular during the shutdown. These gatherings will still continue in the future due to their convenience.

Hopin is fantastic because it makes it simple for users to switch between rooms, listen to different presenters, and interact with other attendees. Therefore, we can anticipate the release.

Biometric Authentication 

Biometric authentication plays a big role in mobile transactions. Because users may access their bank accounts without using login information, it has grown to be a significant element of the finance and banking sector.

After they are scanned, all you need to get access is your fingerprint or face.

Because users won’t worry about data breaches and access denial if they forget their passwords, it simplifies things and enhances protection for them.

Additional capabilities like speech recognition, hand geometry, retina scans, etc. will also be incorporated by app development services in 2021, and this trend will carry over into 2022 as well. As a result, it demonstrates how quickly authentication technology is developing.


Mobile app development services are a very cutthroat industry. Using the most recent mobile app development firm trends in unique ways can help businesses stand out from the crowd.

If you utilize these trends effectively, you’ll have an advantage over the competition and ensure that your team and you always stay one step ahead of the curve.