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What will the Packaging Design Trends be like in 2022?

As we say goodbye to 2021, we consider the upcoming package design trends that fall within the category of graphic design services.

In light of the recent epidemic, trends in container design are all about locating joy and peace.

This year’s packaging design trends include playful figures that make us grin, y2k-inspired patterns that are sentimental or nostalgic and cool, and tranquil hues that make us feel at ease and conjure up simpler times. Our web design and UI/UX services likewise adhere to these standards outside of this specific business.

Many designers, whether they are self-employed or employed by digital marketing services firms, intend to use these trends and modify them.

So, how about we look at them a little more closely?

2022 Packaging Design Trends

  • The ‘60s Psychedelia
  • Text-Centric Designs
  • Color Mists
  • Mesmerizing and Memorable
  • Serenity in a Package
  • The Y2K Revival
  • Faux 3D
  • Earthy Textures and Raw Materials
  • Rubber Hose Characters

The ‘60s Psychedelia

This type of design will last for a very long time. That includes the 1960s psychedelics, which are our favorite. The current resurgence of this fashion has given a modern spin to this timeless song, which brings to mind happier, more carefree days filled with love. Things that, in today’s terrifying and bleak world, we REALLY need.

It has a distinctive atmosphere that makes it unusual and funky thanks to the twisted fonts, wavy shapes, and vibrant colors. And graphic design services are available to include them in every way possible.

Text-Centric Designs

The design business does use photography and illustrations. However, we have grown so accustomed to them that we have forgotten about the text, a complex form of expression that may stand alone as a complete design.

The text is the main attraction in this style. The packaging design allows the distinctiveness of the font and typefaces to shine through by setting aside other visual components.

It’s important to note that this trend places less emphasis on text readability and more on how visually striking and distinctive it can make a product appear. Making the text into an engaging work of art is the main goal here.

It plays on the minimalist aesthetic, which gives a design a cleaner, sharper appearance by doing the exact opposite of visually crowding it. The UI/UX design industry loves this.

Color Mists

It’s nothing unusual to add color to a design that is otherwise all white. A modern variation on this is the use of coloured spray mists over white packaging. People’s eyes will be drawn to that bright spot right away, which is a terrific approach to draw attention to your design and give it a calm appearance.

These days, color mists are a popular trend on Instagram, and they are so captivating that it is difficult to comprehend how a designer could produce such a result.

In contrast, this trend is combined with plain, sans-serif typography in packaging design. Additionally, the monochromatic patterns highlight how sophisticated the mist effect is.

Mesmerizing and Memorable

2022 graphic design trends seek for packaging to be a captivating experience that one can unwind and enjoy.

We can all relate to the excitement of opening a new gift. But consider how wonderful it would be if the packaging itself was also lovely. We’ll always want to keep the box!


Making the experience of receiving a box delightful is even more important than previously because there are millions of parcels sent every day.

To make you a loyal customer of the brand they design for, packaging or graphic designers must deliver the joy and excitement of buying right to your front door.

It’s best to think of it as a surprise because when the sleekly designed package is opened, the interior pops with color. It thrills us, and we continue to think about the company’s name.

Serenity in a Package

We’re living in really difficult times, therefore tranquility is something we’re all looking for. What a blessing it would be if we could locate it packaged.

It turns out that we can! The best combination is simple, clean typography with muted, cool colors that have a calming effect.

It stands out thanks to graphic design services’ gentleness, soothing essence, and understated style, which calms rather than stimulates the senses. Whether it be by giving the package’s surface a glossy, smooth finish or by adding texture to give it depth and dimension.

Because of this desire for tranquility, ASMR has gained popularity over the last two years and is now included in the 2022 packaging design trends.

The Y2K Revival

The year 2000 is referred to as Y2K for those who are unaware. It was a perplexing fad and a cute little blip in the realms of fashion and design. Additionally, it is included in the list of package design trends because every craze or trend expires after 20 years.

Between the middle of the 1990s and 2005, it reached peak popularity and was heavily influenced by 90s cyberpunk and future technologies.

Ironically, we were infatuated with futurism during the beginning of the 2000s, and now we’ve brought it back and are drawing inspiration from it.

By combining geometric designs with hues like pastel blues, pinks, whites, and silvers, the packaging we have seen that follows this trend shines out.

Faux 3D

The design business is given additional depth by this cutting-edge design technique. Faux 3D’s illusionary effect is excellent for drawing attention since the graphics appear to pop off the page.

Additionally, it is difficult to gauge the depth of the design, so we should always take a second look to see if it really is that deep.

Additionally, because creating Faux 3D requires a lot of technical skill, it suggests that whoever created it is knowledgeable about current design trends and adept at putting them into practice.

Earthy Textures and Raw Materials

Even though it ought to have always been a concern, the improvement of the environment is now widely accepted. Because of this, earthy-toned textures that make you think of nature will be quite popular in 2022. They compel individuals to consider the origins of their brand’s components and the methods of their consumption.

Because of the environmental threat to our globe, consumers are becoming more selective about the items they buy, giving sustainable packaging an opportunity to shine.

Additionally, given the swift shift toward longer-lasting, more ethical packaging, it has come to represent your position as an industry leader in sustainability.

Rubber Hose Characters

Animators like Walt Disney and Bill Nolan helped make rubber hose animation the first type of animation to be standardized by the American animation industry.

Creators are putting their own touch on the recent resurrection of this look by employing raised brushstrokes to give their figures wildly exaggerated facial emotions.

People love these characters, especially those who purchase goods featuring them. Their funny demeanor and endearing emotions have a good impact and leave clients wanting more. The characters from 2022 can also be seen drawn or styled with accessories like sneakers, hats, tattoos, etc., which helps give them a more modern feel than the characters from earlier times.


The package design trends for 2022 appear to be extremely fascinating. Graphic design firms are having a great time coming up with novel ways to integrate old trends while yet preserving the optimism customers desire from their products. Old trends are being employed in new and never-before-seen ways.

We at IPS USA can assist you whether you’re wanting to launch a new product or repackage an existing one. Our amazing design team is available to redesign or repackage your goods. Internationally acclaimed for their digital marketing expertise, we would be honored to collaborate with you.